Who am I?

I am a product manager who is driven by helping other people solve problems, preferably contributing to a social cause. While my background is connected to value creation via technology, I strongly believe that technology is but a tool for creating value through products. Technology in whichever form always comes at a cost – maintenance and complexity can seldom be avoided. So if a job can be feasibly done without the use of new tech, then that is probably how the job should be done. The best code is the code that was never written.

Educationally, I have one master’s degree in Business & Management from the Stockholm School of Economics with a special focus on innovation, and another master in International Management from CEMS.

Professionally, I have worked profesionally with software engineering and data analytics. I worked with fullstack web development a few years ago with a focus on develping internal applications, such as CRM systems. A few years later, I consulted as a data analyst, gathering and analysing data to help people make good decisions. I have also tried to start my own company a few times to solve specific problems, though so far without any success.

I am currently working at a newly started lab in Sweden that battles the COVID-19 pandemic. My main contribution there is to enable our tech organization to provide the company, its personnel, and its partners with the solutions they need to combat the COVID-19 pandemic. I do this by product managing internal and partner-facing systems and leading projects as they come up.

Where can you find me?

How can you contact me?

Send an email to contact.website@davidburesund.com.


All content published on this site is the opinion of my own and not affiliated with any company I work for.