If you’ve read my first post, you may have noticed that it was written in 2014, approximately 7 years ago. As you may imagine, a lot of things have happened since then. I’ll dedicate this post to give you an update on where I am currently at and what my plans for this blog are.

Where I’m at

Education progress. Earned a bachelor’s degree from Stockholm University in 2017, after attending a semester at the National University of Singapore during 2016. After that, I have spent a summer working in Riga, a semester studying in China at Tsinghua University and graduated from the Stockholm School of Economics with a Master of Science in Business & Management and from CEMS with a Master in International Management.

Programming progress. Since I last wrote a post, I have worked with software engineering, mainly within fullstack web development and product management. I have also taken on a few consulting assignments related to data analytics – using mainly Python, Pandas, Plotly, and Excel – while also working with data engineering, building data pipelines connected to cloud platforms such as Snowflake.

Current situation. At the moment, I am working at a newly started lab in Sweden that battles the COVID-19 pandemic. My main contribution there is to provide the company, its personnel, and its partners with what they need to efficiently combat the COVID-19 pandemic. I do this by product managing internal and partner-facing systems and leading other projects as they come up. Nothing I write on this blog is affiliated with any company I work with or for.

Current areas of interest. At the time of writing, I am interested in innovation, software engineering, as well as data analytics and engineering.

Plans for the Blog

I intend to use this blog to share thoughts, opinions, and perhaps even a technical guide or two of an area of interest.

Hopefully, I will manage to write something this time around.